Friday, September 28, 2012

* working weekend *

working. weekend

Assalaam alaykom sisters... well well.. I'm gonna wear something RED again on this coming weekend! Owh.. that's me in my favourite casual day... lil' tunics & jeans match with my stripes hijab plus the RED Ralph Lauren and BLACK Canon camera bag. Whatttt???? Actually I'm carrying mr Nikon as usual cuma kata hubby Moose bag tu kecil dan sesuai untuk satu body camera. Yang penting bisa bekerja dengan hati gembira disamping Insan Tercinta.

One time a friend of mine said, " have so many bags!" 
I was like, "Yeah they're my favorite accessory!!" 
And I keep wanting to buy more bags! opps!!!
Sooo... Survey mood is on the moves! ahaks!

okay... just wear RED on Saturday...wink wink!

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