Saturday, November 2, 2013

* Dinner-Chat-Shopping *

Assalaam alaykom... another small birthday celebration with my bestfriend miss Amilia. Simple and sweet. Dinner-Chat-Shopping!!!! Mula dengan makan malam bersama dan kemudian pastinya bercerita tanpa noktah kemudian do a lil' shoppin' at my favourite shop Dorothy Perkins. And miss Amilia juga telah jatuh cinta dengan DP. owh.. yang paling gembira pastinya pulang dengan baju baru.. hiks.

the sweet centerpiece

miss Amilia's choice

and this is my choice

and teh ais

the choc valcano for birthday girl!

when birthday girl do shoppin'.. hehe
ohh! the red slinky dress by DP

smile before go home.. wink! wink! 

Thanks babe for a lovely hours together!

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