Wednesday, October 3, 2012

* Bon Voyage *

Bon Voyage hubby Moose!
 Please make du'a for his good journey to Egypt.

Actually, I've already upload this picture in my Instagram.
But I want to share it HERE... in my personal blog!

hubby Moose left mrs Mac and he said "Cie kalo rindu Mucab tengok la mrs Mac. First tyme Mucab tak bawa travel" ..owhh!!! okay.. mrs Mac is just right beside ME!!! sob.sob.

 Take a good care CYGku...

And I really really MISS him now!!! 

Have a good trip CYGku! Semoga ALLAH swt mempermudahkan urusanmu di sana, memberi kesihatan yang baik terutamanya pada kaki yang tidak sembuh sepenuhnya lagi. May ALLAH bless you, your wealth and your journey. Ameen.

Bon Voyage MUCAB! 
Lurve from your wifey... Cie. 

*updated on 1.10am... 
WhatsApp's message all the way from Bangkok!!!  



  1. assalam...jgn sedih2 ye..your hubby dtg egypt?ada apa?konvo awis ke?jmpt dtg alex...heheheh

  2. Salaam Dil.. hubby now kat ALEX. subhanallah..cantiknya tgk gmbo2 dr Bumi Mesir. Kalo jumoa tegur2 la ek. hehe